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The world is full of beautiful things that attract our interest and heighten our curiosity. As grown-ups, we are fascinated by what we see all around us. From nature to a man-made phenomenon, so many things compete for our attention. Even more fascinating are the numerous mythical creatures found in cultures.Ā  More fascinated about the world around us are our children. With their unbound imagination and untapped creativity, kids are fascinated with imaginary and mythical creatures. When children draw and color, it not only satisfies the curiosity they feel but also helps them improve their thinking and creative processes.

Coloring Pages Improve Motor Skills

Coloring books help children to improve their motor skills and help them even when they grow older. Holding the pencils to color their unicorns helps them to develop motor skills and muscles. This can help them improve such things as their handwriting and even help them in sports.

As much as we love seeing our kids running around and being little pockets of unbound energy, we sometimes get exhausted by their constant fidgeting and running around the home. We are concerned for their safety and sometimes, we just want them to sit down and be quiet. Unicorn coloring pages is one way to calm your kids while helping them grow mentally. There's no better way to keep your children engaged than giving them detailed unicorn coloring pages!

Unicorns belong to a realm of wonder, imagination, and legends. These imaginary creatures are found in many cultures around the world. In most cases, they are beautiful creatures that symbolize grace, purity, and healing. In fact, in some popular cultures, only a virgin could capture one! They are rare creatures that will only approach those pure in heart. Unicorn horns are reputed to have a variety of properties, from healing grievous sicknesses to being used in alchemy.

Their popularity in popular culture even extends into movies and book. A popular example is their appearance in the immensely popular Harry Potter series. In there, they are the purest of creatures and only a vile and irredeemably wicked person will hurt a unicorn not to talk of killing one.

Now Your Kids Have Something Interesting & Creative To Do

Best Unicorn coloring pages for free

Help your kids capture these beautiful creatures on paper! provides parents and caregivers with unicorn coloring pages to print. Thus, instead of worrying about what your kids are up to during the holidays, Sundays or on winter days, give them these unicorn coloring pages. In fact, while they are coloring these cute, pure, mythical creatures, you can even instruct them on the rich history of these creatures.

Introduce these coloring pages for your next road trip and watch your kids' eyes light up in wonder and excitement.

At Unicornaval, our unicorn coloring pages are cute and free to use. We do not attach any prices to our pages. They are offered as a gift to you! So gift these coloring pages to your kids and be sure they will highly appreciate these cute gifts.

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